Odell Beckham Jr. makes NFL postseason history

The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver made NFL postseason history.

Odell Beckham Jr. was out to prove that he can still be an impact player in the NFL and what better stage than the playoffs? In Los Angeles’ 34-11 win over the Arizona Cardinals Monday, Beckham made some NFL postseason history. Beckham become the first player to record a 30-yard reception and a 30-yard pass completion in the same game.

It was a productive night for Odell Beckham Jr., finishing with four receptions for 54 yards and one touchdown in addition to the 40 passing yards on the night. Beckham has proved that he does not belong on the scrap heap that the Browns threw him on as he has six touchdowns since landing with the Rams while Baker Mayfield has just three passing touchdowns to Cleveland wide receivers. Everything appears to be setting up well for Beckham wherever he lands next as his contract is up after the season. The biggest stage is allowing Beckham to show he can still produce and is not the washed up has been he has been painted as.


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