Myles Garrett – Browns discuss contract extension

The Cleveland Browns and former number one overall pick Myles Garrett have engaged in talks about a possible contract extension.

This was some news that was going to happen sooner or later. The Cleveland Browns and Myles Garrett have engaged in contract discussions per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

As Fowler mentions this will be “mega-extension”. Myles Garrett is an elite player who will command a large contract in order to remain in Cleveland. While fans everywhere were celebrating this news, a familiar face didn’t seem too high on the idea from Garrett’s point of view.

Signing Garrett would keep one of the best defensive ends in the game in Cleveland for the long haul. This would be a tremendous accomplishment for Cleveland as very few of their first rounders stay around long enough to get a second deal. Keeping Garrett in a Browns uniform is great, but a lot more talent is needed for this defense to turn things around.

Possible ripple effect?

What this would do is create some more questions about the long term futures of players such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. Their future beyond 2020 was already questionable at best before the news about a possible extension with Myles Garrett. Cleveland does have a ton of cap space available, but they need to make sure they are spending wisely, not wildly.

Allocating a lot of money to a select few players while the rest of the roster is replacement level is the expressway to irrelevance. Beckham and Landry are set to make just under $29 million in 2020, just over $30 million in 2021, and over $31 million in 2022. That a lot of money tied up in two players and that is not even considering the large contract of another pass catcher in Austin Hooper. It really seems like Cleveland will be embracing the final step in the D.E.N.N.I.S. System when it comes to at least one of the names listed here. It is about building a team of players, not signing a few marquee guys to mega deals.


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