Browns lack of red zone success must change

Succeeding in the red zone is essential to winning games in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Cleveland Browns last season, they struggled in this area. Cleveland’s 39% success rate in the red zone ranked 25th in the NFL and was far from being an acceptable level.

The Browns had their fair share of contributing factors at play, including an extended stint with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback while Deshaun Watson was serving his suspension. While Kevin Stefanski was able to get the most out of Brissett in his more than admirable run as Cleveland’s signal caller, there is still some concerns moving forward.

Cleveland needs to see a big time turnaround pretty much across the board offensively in order to show that the there is something worth building upon for the future of the franchise. The reality is that the long term viability of the current regime is in question. Various misfires and questionable decision making from those in charge has left the team with an uncertain future. Considering the fact that Browns were not able to avoid 3rd down last season, issues do appear to be stacking up against them. Any sort of struggles or underperformance on the field could and should lead to the prompt dismissal of this regime.

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