Browns considered a “sneaky contender”

There is a certain level of expectations for the Cleveland Browns with an expected full season of Deshaun Watson, but are they a sneaky contender? That is what Eric Edholm at believes. When evaluating their current roster, Edholm did have some positive things to say.

The roster is in good shape, with their offseason moves precisely geared at targeting weaker spots and avoiding short-term fixes. That’s a sounder approach, and they still managed to do well in the draft despite lacking first- and second-round picks.

Eric Edholm on the Browns roster

This offseason saw the Browns slightly alter their approach to their roster this year. Instead of a heavy amount of one-year deals handed out to guys on prove-it deals, Cleveland looked to find multi-year solutions. Even taking a few chances on players who are either still unproven (Ogbonnia Okoronkwo) or have seen their stock take a massive hit (Elijah Moore).

Edholm did also mention that if the Browns struggle, “major ramifications’ could come and that would not necessarily bode well for anyone in a position of power. The fact of the matter is that it is a make or break year for the front office and coaching staff. Win and an extended stay in Cleveland is on the table. Lose and they will be looking for work elsewhere at season’s end.

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