Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett can hold down the fort if needed

When Week 1 finally comes around the Cleveland Browns could be starting one of two quarterbacks, Deshaun Watson or Jacoby Brissett. Should Watson find himself the recipient of a lengthy suspension all is not lost as Brissett has proven himself to be a more than capable quarterback. If need be Brissett can hold down the fort in Cleveland as long as Watson is not available.

It must be noted that the realistic expectations for the Browns in 2022 change quite a bit depending on who their quarterback is. With Watson the expectations are obviously a playoff bound campaign with the possibility of making a run. Super Bowl may be a bit much, but is not terribly far from reality. In regards to the Jacoby Brissett experience expectations must be tempered a bit, however they are not the bottom feeder many perceive them as.

Brissett falls into the category of game manager and that is more than fine. With the loaded offense in Cleveland all the team needs is a game manager to get them around .500, something that the former quarterback was simply unable to do. Having Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Amari Cooper, David Njoku, and Harrison Bryant can take a lot of pressure off of Brissett allowing him to manage the game properly. That is before considering Donovan Peoples-Jones, Anthony Schwartz, David Bell, and D’Ernest Johnson. There are lot of quarterbacks who would love to have this supporting cast, especially with a coach like Kevin Stefanski running the show.

Even though so called pundits and analysts alike continue to push for the Browns to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo there is no need. Besides the fact that the offense does not fit Garoppolo’s skill set, there is a reason why the team put their quarterback room together in this manner. Jacoby Brissett can ensure the team does not hit rock bottom while preparing to turn the keys over to Watson when the time comes.

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