Browns quiet at deadline

The Cleveland Browns did not make any moves at the trade deadline despite being rumored to be listening on multiple players.

It was an active trade deadline across the NFL with a record amount of trades made on deadline day. The Browns were not part of that trade flurry. Cleveland decided to stand pat and not trade for or away any players at a very active deadline.

This lack of movement comes after the Browns were reported to be listening to offers for Greedy Williams and Kareem Hunt. Reports on the latter even went further as it became known that the Browns were looking for a fourth round pick for Hunt. It was quite clear that teams were willing to make deals and yet Cleveland did nothing. There was even some speculation that Jack Conklin could be on the move, but again nothing happened.

While Cleveland is technically still alive it seems like the team should have done something one way or the other. The rest of their schedule is a gauntlet that will more than likely keep the out of the playoffs. This combined with their uneven play and inability to finish games will make winning down the stretch quite difficult. Considering this a combination of buying and selling would have been beneficial to the future of this team. There are positions of depth (running back) that could have been dealt from. Additionally there is a position group (defensive tackle) that is simply not good enough. Either way the reality is that they should have done something, anything to change things up. Standing pat and keeping the status quo is just incredibly disappointing.

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