Browns listening on Hunt, Greedy

The Cleveland Browns are listening to offers for two of their regular players.

The trade deadline is a week away and the Cleveland Browns are getting a jump start on any potential moves. Cleveland is listening to offers for Kareem Hunt and Greedy Williams according to reports.

Any potential deal involving either player would be far from a blockbuster, but any recouped picks for Cleveland would be a bonus. The Browns should be offering up Hunt to any team that missed out on Christian McCaffrey as a discounted committee option. Meanwhile Williams could be attractive to a team in need of secondary help that sees something/anything redeemable in his play. What it comes down to is contending teams needing all the defensive backs they can get and sometimes it is about improving the bottom end rather than the top.

Considering that the Browns are 2-5 on the year and a sixth loss coming up next Monday appears probable, moving players that are not part of their future while getting something in return is the right way to go about things. A losing season seems inevitable and holding out hope for a different outcome seems incredibly foolish. The team can now punt the rest of the season after initially hoping to stay afloat until Deshaun Watson returns from his suspension. At this point it is about preparing for next season. That is assuming those in charge will be around next year which is far from a guarantee considering the erratic practices of Jimmy Haslam.

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