With A Jimmmitude

With A Jimmmitude: Jets, Josh Allen, Mo Speights

1. The New York Jets, Adam Gase, and Le’Veon Bell

What an absolute joke, the New York Jets essentially chose Adam Gase over Le’Veon Bell. Yes, Bell was never going to live up to his contract he signed with the Jets, however Gase is a total clownshow. Gase is an all-time fraud head coach and should no longer be employed. It is moves like this why certain teams continue to be stuck in neutral.

2. Josh Allen is still an MVP Candidate

There are some people who are going to use Josh Allen losing on Tuesday as a reason that he is not a legit MVP Candidate. This is completely ridiculous. While this cam be considered as his worst performance of the season, he still went 26-41 for 263 yards and 2 touchdowns. Allen’s two picks were his high for the season which brings his total to 3. Don’t listen to people looking to tear Josh Allen down, they are people just looking for the first time to bail and claim he’s a fraud. The fact of the matter is that Josh Allen still belongs in the MVP conversation.

3. Mo Speights

Things got wild on Twitter Tuesday night and that can be thanks to Mo Speights. Speights decided he was going to take a shot at LeBron James and his record in the NBA Finals.

First things first, it appears that the creator of this meme is someone named “bronsux”, so that just shows the maturity level here. The man apparently nicknamed “Mo Buckets’ decided that he was going to take a shot at one of the best players ever to do it. The criteria for greatness being a Finals record is pure nonsense. It’s about the entirety of a career, not just a record in The Finals. Considering Speights only got there twice and won once, it appears that someone is feeling a litter bitter about how that Finals ended four years later.

Listen Mr. Buckets, maybe it’s best to sit this one out.

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