New Utah Jazz uniforms are terrible

In an apparent bid to have the worst uniforms in the NBA next season, the Utah Jazz have released their new look. The source material for this design must have been police barricade tape because these are dreadful. The only saving grace in the set is the purple throwback inspired look. The nostalgia of those teams that went to The Finals is the only passable look.

There is a fine line between clean, simplistic, and minimalistic uniform design and no effort. This is the latter. An incredibly boring design featuring the most basic lettering and numbering is a complete miss.

Additionally the Jazz have a City Edition and Classic jersey for the 2023-24 season. The City Edition is inspired by the aforementioned throwback uniforms and is designed wonderfully. Utah’s Classic harkens back to their days in New Orleans and is clear success.

It is frustrating to see the Jazz be successful in some areas of their uniform design while other uniforms appear to have phoned in their effort. One thing is near certain, their next uniforms will be better than this because somehow being worse is (almost) impossible.

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