Cleveland should not choose Tribe as their new name

A popular suggestion to replace the name of the Cleveland baseball team is Tribe but it is not necessarily the best option.

Since Cleveland made the announcement that they would be reviewing their team name there has been some suggestions in regards to a new team name. Some are in favor of names like Guardians or Spiders, while others have gravitated to a name that is similar to their current moniker. Tribe.

While Tribe does keep some similarities between the current name and a potential new era, there are issues. The name is sort of a sidestep from their current name, but some negative aspects will still be present. Fans will still show up wearing feathers or other Native American related items. There will be some who embarrassingly show up in redface. Others will still bring the gigantic cardboard signs of Chief Wahoo with them to the games. It’s not that the name Tribe is as offensive as their former name, it is everything that comes with it.

Cleveland will have many things to think when it comes their new name. If the name Tribe is under serious consideration there must be enough done to ensure that any sort of ties to their former name cannot be present.

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