With A Jimmmitude: Thursday 10/1/2020

With A Jimmmitude: Thursday 10/1/2020

With A Jimmmitude Thursday October 1, 2020: Thoughts about Thursday Night Football and the teams eliminated from the MLB Postseason.

1. Thursday Night Football

The Denver Broncos are facing the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football and I couldn’t be less interested. Even if both teams were at full strength I would have limited interest. The fact of the matter is that both teams have a ton of injured players and that will impact the quality of play. The game may be entertaining, but for different reasons entirely. It might be due to poor play or absolutely hilarious mistakes from either team. The Jets are apparently not prepared to fire Adam Gase, but a disastrous showing might be in the best interest of the team as it might actually lead to his firing.

2. Eliminated from the MLB Postseason

Wednesday saw three teams eliminated from the 2020 MLB Postseason, the Cleveland Baseball Club, Minnesota Twins, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Twins are frauds, enough said. Minnesota dazzles during the regular season, but becomes choke artists once the word “Postseason” appears.

Toronto is a team a year away that needs some more experience and to add a few more players to the mix. They have a great core and are a team on the rise. While they may not compete for a division title immediately, Wild Card berths seem to be the path for Toronto for the time being.

Cleveland just drew a bad matchup in the New York Yankees and were outclassed in both of their games. They are just not quite equipped to compete with the best teams in baseball at this time.

3. Decisive Game 3 in Oakland

The Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox are playing a winner take all Game 3 on Thursday. Oakland is the better team and should be able to make their way through the Wild Card round. The White Sox are not pushovers, but there is a clear difference between them and the Athletics. Either team could win and that is what makes this game a must watch.