With A Jimmmitde: Patriots, White Sox, Steve Cohen

With A Jimmmitde: Patriots, White Sox, Steve Cohen

New England Patriots defeat New York Jets on Monday Night Football

It took a 4th quarter comeback, but the New England Patriots came out on top against the New York Jets. The comeback was impressive, but no team should be in that situation against this version of the Jets. New York just is not any good and being coached by Adam Gase just makes things worse.

The Jets stink and the Patriots have struggled all season long, at least it was an exciting finish to a game that was probably unappealing to most.

Tony La Russa and the Chicago White Sox

The decision by the Chicago White Sox to hire Tony La Russa was controversial from the start. La Russa has not managed in almost a decade and the White Sox embody everything he isn’t. The White Sox are a young fun team and La Russa is the complete opposite of that. Before making their managerial change Chicago was on the rise and possibly an appealing destination for free agents. That no longer appears to be the case as pitcher Marcus Stroman has seemingly crossed the White Sox off his list of potential landing spots.

If one player thinks this way there are more than likely others. The White Sox may have shot themselves in the foot with this managerial hire.

Steven Cohen and his championship aspirations with the New York Mets

The New York Mets are now owned by the richest owner in baseball Steve Cohen. As with any change of ownership in spots there are championship aspirations. Cohen stated Tuesday that if the Mets do not win a championship within the next three to five years it would be disappointing.

The Mets have a good core and could possibly be in the running to acquire Cleveland Baseball Club shortstop Francisco Lindor. Acquiring Lindor would have to be the first of many moves to in an attempt to return to the playoffs. The Mets seem to be most of the way there, they just need to shape the rest of the roster through trades and signing players in free agency.


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