Will Brinson has Browns making two Round 1 picks

Will Brinson has Browns making two Round 1 picks

Will Brinson of CBS Sports put out a mock draft with trades and they are interesting. Something of note, the Cleveland Browns are involved with a trade. 

As a rule, I usually disregard mock drafts with trades. The trades usually never happen and interfere with the realism in regards to the mock. The reason I entertained this one is because of the player involved and who is acquiring him. 

Before we get to the trade, Cleveland has their own pick to deal with.

10. Andrew Thomas OT Georgia 

This selection continues to gain momentum. Andrew Thomas makes a ton of sense here.  Cleveland needs offensive lineman, especially left tackle. Right tackle is another concern, but is not addressed by Cleveland in Brinson’s mock draft. 

The trade 

The Cleveland Browns trade Odell Beckham Jr. to the New England Patriots for the 23rd overall pick. Cleveland has stated that they intend to keep Beckham, but whether or not he suits up for the Browns when the regular season is still unknown.

The logic and reasoning makes sense, but this seems to be a bit on the higher end in regards to return. Beckham’s value is not as high as it could be and getting something higher than a second-rounder may be out of the question. 

The perception is that the return for Cleveland would be fifty cents on the dollar right now and that does not seem like a trade the new regime would make. The value on this particular trade is interesting (draft pick wise and salary shedding wise). Although, a team hopes to draft someone as talented as Odell Beckham Jr. and it’s far from guaranteed that their selection turns into a superstar wide receiver. 

Why this could happen is entirely related to off the field actions and salary commitment to Beckham. That could lead to the best receiver on the team being sent packing. 

23: Henry Ruggs III WR Alabama 

Will Henry Ruggs III turn into the caliber of player that Odell Beckham Jr. currently is? Who knows? Cleveland would take a massive hit in the PR department with a trade like this and selecting a wide receiver. The reaction from many would be “why not just keep OBJ” and that question is valid. 

If the Browns were actually going to acquire the 23rd overall pick while sending out OBJ they might have interest in a position besides wide receiver. 

Cleveland could opt for another offensive lineman to protect Baker Mayfield. Miami selects Tyler Biadasz two picks later and could be of interest to the Browns. Bolstering the protection for their quarterback and setting him up for success might be to difficult to pass up. 

Wisconsin linebacker Zack Baun is also another option that could be under consideration. Baun goes 31st overall to San Francisco in this mock. A selection of Baun could help offset potential departures of Joe Schobert and Christian Kirksey this offseason. 


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