The Cleveland Browns are a mess

The Cleveland Browns are a mess

The Cleveland Browns are a mess from top to bottom. For some bizarre reason, they declined to take action and fix their organization.

The Cleveland Browns did not want to give into the demands of Josh McDaniels.  Instead, opting to go with Kevin Stefanski. Stefanski will act as a puppet for Paul DePodesta in his power grab that no one seemed to notice. DePodesta and Co. would rather have someone who will fall in line to their unproven plan and process. Kudos to Paul DePodesta to get Jimmy Haslam to fall for this unchecked power grab. There have been power grabs in Cleveland before. Some have worked (John Dorsey), others have not (Hue Jackson).

The entire coaching search was painted as a fair process that was widespread and at the end of the day, select the most qualified candidate. DePodesta opted to go with his choice from the previous coaching search, making this “in depth process” a complete waste of time.

What would you say you do here?

Jimmy Haslam trusts Paul DePodesta to be the figurehead of the direction they are heading down, again. DePodesta is the Chief Strategy Officer of the Cleveland Browns. What that job encompasses, nobody is quite sure. DePodesta provided a lengthy explanation of whatever it is he does, but he really doesn’t specify what he does.

Just what is this supposed to mean? There is not a clear cut answer that is provided. The entire explanation sounds very reminiscent of a scene from Office Space.

Any and all involvement seems downplayed but reading between the lines of what he says paints a completely different picture. DePodesta states that he will not pick players, only provide the information that allows those who will pick players something to go off of.

“To try and make sure the players we do pick, again align with our vision of what we believe is a winning franchise”.

Paul DePodesta on his involvement in the draft process

Sounds like he is going to be a little more involved than some think. Paul DePodesta may not “pick the players”, but it certainly seems like he will provide those who do make the pick with a group of players that are acceptable according to his standards.

Seems like Paul DePodesta has a bit more power than he is willing to admit and that a lot people fail to realize.

Jimmy Haslam, Paul DePodesta, Kevin Stefanski and whoever else wants to speak can talk about alignment all they want, but this organizational structure still seems broken. The Cleveland Browns may have one vision, but it is a vision put together by DePodesta that expects everyone else to fall in line.

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