Jamie Gillan is already a legend

Jamie Gillan

When waiting to find out if he made the team, Cleveland Browns punter Jamie Gillan aka “The Scottish Hammer” was at a bar in Tremont.

The Scottish Hammer is an absolute legend. On Saturday Jamie Gillan spent some time at The Flying Monkey in Tremont. During this time Gillan received a call informing him that he made the team.

John Dorsey informed The Scottish Hammer that me made the team and not surprisingly, it was time to celebrate.

Gillan immediately proceeded to attempt to buy everyone drinks. Instead, everyone at the bar bought The Scottish Hammer drinks. 

Gillan has acquired legend status without even appearing in a regular season game. Browns fans everywhere have already shown their love for The Scottish Hammer. Buying the punter for the Cleveland Browns drinks after he makes the team is the ultimate display of that. 

Let’s be honest. If there is anything more 2019 Cleveland Browns it is a punter who is known as “The Scottish Hammer” getting drinks bought for him by Browns fans at a bar named The Flying Monkey. Cleveland Browns fans know how to treat their players no matter what position they paly.

Jamie Gillan, you are a legend. 

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