Hue Jackson says Browns gave extension during 0-16

Hue Jackson says Browns gave extension during 0-16

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson claims he received a contract extension during the season which saw the team finish 0-16.

Nothing like a Hue Jackson radio appearance in Cleveland to cause some drama. The former Browns head coach was on ESPN Cleveland Monday morning and made some interesting statements. Jackson took some expected shots at the team.

Some of these shots are warranted and do have some merit. That particular regime had absolutely no idea what they were doing. The way the team operated at that point acted like they knew everything when in reality they knew nothing.

It is definitely possible that the team lied to Hue Jackson about the how things were going to go. It is also very possible they just worded things a certain way to make things seem one way when in reality it was something completely different.

The most noteworthy statement was claiming he received a contract extension during the 0-16 season that the team did not want to make public.

Mary Kay Cabot of did say the extension did happen, even though how unbelievable it is. Cabot said she was told it was a one-year extension at the time.

Let’s examine the situation here. For some bizarre reason the Browns handed Hue Jackson a contract extension during an abysmal stretch of football. As for why the team didn’t go public with it? Going public with an extension would be telling the entire fanbase Like what you see? Good news! We just signed up for even more of this! This would have been an absolutely terrible decision and considering they fired him midway through the next season this was a wise move.

All of this really seems like Hue Jackson trying to blame others for his failures when at the end of the day they are his. Jackson is the worst head coach of all-time and it would take an incredible amount of ineptitude over a substantial period of time for someone to take that title from him. The still out of work former head coach was simply incapable of leading a football team, end of story.


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