Cam Newton spoke with Browns

Cam Newton spoke with Browns

There is one other team that spoke with Cam Newton before he ended up signing with the New England Patriots. The Cleveland Browns. 

Adam Schefter said on his own podcast that Cleveland talked to Newton but they really didn’t go anywhere. Newton would end up signing with New England this past Sunday.

Obviously Cleveland didn’t sign Cam Newton as they wound up agreeing to terms with Case Keenum to be Baker Mayfield’s backup and possible replacement if he struggles. Keenum previously played under new head coach Kevin Stefanski in Minnesota. Having this experience gave him a bit of an advantage as he is familiar with the offense and can step in if necessary.

Signing Cam Newton could have been interesting. There would have been some real competition for Baker Mayfield and Newton could have easily supplanted him as the starter with relatively average play. Instead, Andrew Berry and Co. is giving Mayfield one more go around for him to prove himself before deciding on his long term future with the Browns. This particular regime was not who drafted Mayfield and do not the attachment to him that the previous regime did. If there comes a time to move on from Baker Mayfield this group very well could if he is unable to bounce back from his lackluster sophomore season.

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