Browns should look for left tackle help elsewhere


The Washington Redskins are not looking to move left tackle Trent Williams during the season forcing the Cleveland Browns to look elsewhere.

Apparently the Washington Redskins are not all that interested in trading Trent Williams to the Cleveland Browns. Well, at least during the season that is. It is time for John Dorsey to move on and no longer contact the Redskins about Williams. 

According to reports, Washington is going to wait until after the season to evaluate their trade offers. Essentially killing any leverage they have in trade discussions. The only option during the season to acquire someone of value is through trade and Washington is basically saying Nah, we’re good. We don’t want teams in a mid-season bidding war. We want to wait to see where their draft picks are in relation to the draft. 

This is stupid thinking. This is the thinking that has had the Redskins stuck in neutral for quite some time.

Everyone knows that the Cleveland Browns have massive issues on the offensive line. They need an upgrade in the worst way. Greg Robinson has been awful and he may have already been benched. It is easy to imagine Dorsey giving up quite a lot to acquire a better left tackle. On the Washington side of things it is not like Trent Williams will be suiting up to play for them any time soon. Williams does not trust the Redskins and refuses to play for them ever again. 

Washington has an aging asset with an injury history just sitting there not providing any sort of benefit to their franchise and they refuse to trade him when his value could not be higher. If Washington does not want to engage Cleveland in trade discussions until after the season it is best for John Dorsey to tell them to hit the bricks and find a solution elsewhere. 

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