Browns inverted jersey is boring

Browns inverted jersey is boring

The NFL apparently decided to make inverted jereys for NFL teams and the includes a gray jersey for the Cleveland Browns.

For some bizarre reason the NFL decided to create inverted jerseys for their teams. Some of the jerseys do not look terrible, but that description does not apply to the jersey for the Cleveland Browns. Most of the jerseys are a secondary color, but that is not the case for Cleveland.

Gray was apparently the color to go with and it simply does not look good. This jersey looks like one of the mockups created by fans as a new uniform for the future. Funny how a lot of times many use gray as an alternate uniform color. It seems like the easy go-to for an alternate uniform for people who have no input on the actual uniform design instead of using orange, which would make more sense. Brown and white have always been the traditional home and away uniforms with orange showing up every once in a while as an alternate.

It is understandable why gray was chosen as the color for the jersey. The Cleveland Browns have do have jersey colors or orange, brown and white. This makes this particular jersey idea a bit hard to pull off without just copying an already existing jersey. However with several other teams having a similar issue with a gray jersey maybe this idea should not have been league wide.

An inverted gray alternate is a bit boring considering the jersey colors of other teams. Red for the Titans, yellow for the Steelers and orange for the Dolphins. Even the Packers yellow jersey is not terrible. Many teams ended up with gray alternates with this idea. Perhaps only making alternates for teams who would not end up with gray.


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