Donovan Mitchell

When to expect a possible Donovan Mitchell extension

What is the expected timeline for contract extension talks between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Donovan Mitchell?

The future of Donovan Mitchell in Cleveland has been one of two recurring topics this offseason, (the other being trade rumors involving Jarrett Allen). While there is no genuine information at this time about a potential departure, that not has stopped speculation from those in other larger markets.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst made an appearance Monday on NBA Today, providing some insight into the situation.

I don’t think under any circumstances he was ever considering extending this season, and I think the Cavs knew that when they traded for him

Brian Windhorst on Donovan Mitchell

Windhorst would also add that it is next year when should be any sort of pressure to sign Mitchell to an extension. Even though it would be a bit comforting to have a resolution sooner rather than later, there is no need to panic as of yet. The Cavaliers have been reportedly “rolling out the red carpet” for Donovan Mitchell and this is a process that takes time.

This does appear to be unwelcome news for perpetual crybaby Tim Bontemps. Bontemps has been campaigning all summer for the Cavaliers to trade Donovan Mitchell. There could be a time when the Cavs are put in a position where it would be wise to trade Mitchell, but it doe not appear to be coming any time soon.

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