Warriors defeat Celtics to win title

The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions again as the defeated the Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 to win their fourth title since the 2014-15 season. Steph Curry was able to win the very much elusive Finals MVP after Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant (2x) had this honor previously. While the Celtics were not the best team the Warriors have faced during their run, they fall right in the middle, it gives Golden State a title that they can point to without the legitimacy being questioned.

The 2015 Finals saw Golden State defeat the injury riddled Cleveland Cavaliers who were down to LeBron James and a supporting cast reminiscent of the 2007 Finals squad which was swept by San Antonio. A healthy Cavs squad took down the 73-9 Warriors next year before they landed Durant in free agency. The addition of Durant put Golden State so far over the top that The Finals were not really a competition, but more of a formality ending with a Warriors win. The only time Golden State would lose during the Durant era was when they faced off with Toronto in 2019. Klay Thompson played in five of six games while Durant was limited to just one, getting injured in his only appearance in the series. This was the beginning of a transition period for Golden State.

It took two seasons for the Warriors to get back to The Finals and they took care of business. But this time there is nothing that can be questioned. Both teams were healthy. There was not a player on either team which propelled them to a clear over-the-top favorite. It was an even matchup with Golden State and Boston having legitimate chances to win. This was a legacy defining moment for the Warriors and Curry for that matter. Arguments and discussions can be had about the other three titles, but not this one and that is what matters. Golden State truly earned this title and Curry his Finals MVP.


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