Justin Verlander

MLB trade deadline: More teams in the mix for Justin Verlander

At least one mystery team has emerged as a potential suitor for New York Mets pitcher Justin Verlander. This is according to a report from Jon Heyman via Twitter.

Mystery team(s) emerging for Justin Verlander. In other words “other significant interest” beyond the known Astros and Dodgers

Jon Heyman on Justin Verlander’s market via Twitter

The Dodgers and Astros were mentioned as teams interested in Verlander previously with Houston being seen as an also-ran of sorts due to difficulties they could have in making a deal. The Astros are still in the mix and should be considered as such until Verlander lands elsewhere. Los Angeles still appears to be a very likely destination but the presence of at least one mystery team could alter the chances of Verlander donning a Dodgers uniform.

New York is clearly in sell mode. Pulling the plug on the Justin Verlander era in Queens is far from ideal but appears inevitable. It has been a season full of underwhelming performances for the Mets, leading to the team trailing by nearly 20 games in the division.

The Mets have already made several trades ahead of Tuesday’s deadline and a deal involving Verlander appears all but certain. New York is looking to reset and regroup for next season. This would be the correct course of action with how the season has gone up to this point. Looking forward with a younger pitching staff should be the priority for 2024.

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