Collin Sexton

Market for Collin Sexton could lead to big payday

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton is in the final stages of recovering from his torn meniscus, but that has not stopped teams from expressing interest in his services. Shams Charania of The Athletic had the following to say about Sexton’s market in a piece published Monday morning.

Cavaliers restricted free agent Collin Sexton has been cleared for full basketball activities, sources said. Sexton underwent surgery in November to repair a torn meniscus and has made a complete recovery on the eve of entering free agency. Rival execs believe Sexton’s market could reach the $20 million-per-year range.

Shams Charania on Collin Sexton

When it comes to Sexton it has never been about his ability to score, it is about what he is. Is Sexton a starter or a bench player? The latter seems more applicable due to his ability to score and lack of ability to run an offense. As a starting guard running offensive sets is a necessity, but as a sixth man type it is all about getting to the hoop. Sexton excels at the latter.

The Fit in Cleveland

At or around $20 million per season would qualify as the starting guard money that he is seeking. Looking at the Cavaliers roster and where they are at in the rebuilding process this is the type of contract would prohibit them from making moves which would be significantly more impactful. Cleveland already has a guard who could fill Sexton’s role under contract in Caris LeVert. The team has also been linked to a reunion with Ricky Rubio. There is still the upcoming extension that Darius Garland is going to receive. Considering these factors it seems best for the Cavs to let someone else pay Sexton this salary while they churn the bottom part of the roster while making additions of note in other areas. It is about avoiding roster redundancy and Sexton would fall into just that.

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