Logan Ryan is not too happy with Browns fans

Logan Ryan of the Tennessee Titans decided to jump into the Dawg Pound after an interception returned for a touchdown and is not happy.

Logan Ryan can be mad all he wants. The reality is that he should know better than to jump into the stands while playing for the visiting team. Especially when you jump into the Dawg Pound of all places. 

Jumping into the stands of the home team never ends well. In fact it has been well documented that this is a bad idea. It does not matter the caliber of player jumping into the stands. If you are the visitor you are persona non grata in the stands. 

Maybe Ryan should be happy he didn’t play in the 80’s when a beer shower would be a nice alternative to the barrage of dog bones and batteries that would come flying out of the Dawg Pound.

Now onto the fans. Yeah, pouring beer on a player is an asshole move. The Browns played terribly and frustration obviously boiled over the few who decided to give Ryan a beer shower. But again, what did Ryan expect? Tennessee was winning big and he jumped into the stands. If you are Ryan you have to realize that this in the realm of possibilities. 

Logan Ryan is not the first person to have beer poured on him and he certainly will not be the last. This type of reaction happens in every stadium over the course of the season. This is not something that only happens in Cleveland. It happens everywhere.

In a perfect world fans would not pour beer or throw anything at players entering the stands. But this is not a perfect world and it never will be. If you enter the stands as an opposing player you have to realize what is likely to happen to you and that it will not be fun. Like it or not, that is just the way it is.


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