Celtics stay alive with Game 4 win over Heat

It was a win or go home scenario for the Boston Celtics and they made sure that their trip to South Beach would not end on a sour note. Boston came away with a 116-99 win over the Miami Heat to extend their season another day, two may be more accurate considering their next game is Thursday.

This game definitely seems to have been the energy dump game from a team looking to avoid the sweep. It has been seen countless times before, a team holds a 3-0 lead and the team that has been outplayed the entire series suddenly puts it together for a win in Game 4 before flaming out in Game 5 when they have nothing left to give.

This is not about talent as Boston is a very talented team. In fact, it has nothing really do to with talent. It is about a Heat team that has played better and the Celtics having their back up against the wall. A spoiler win like this should come as no surprise to anyone. Even LeBron and the Lakers looked like they were going to get one win before coming up short and rumors of retirement began to swirl.

There have been three instances of a team evening a series down 0-3 in the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately for Boston this is where the good news ends. No team has ever come back down three games to none, the most recent chance coming in 2003. The Celtics will certainly have their chance to defy history and make an impressive comeback. But don’t count on anything as the odds are stacked heavily against them.

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