Brendan Gaunce

Brendan Gaunce signs two-year two-way deal

It was a busy day of the Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday as they agreed to a two-way deal with veteran center Brendan Gaunce. The 28-year old forward had a fairly even split between Cleveland (39 games) and Columbus (30 games) last season. Gaunce was going to be an unrestricted free agent prior to the deal.

Gaunce was the second signee for the Blue Jackets organization as they also signed Liam Foudy to an extension.

Brendan Gaunce finished with 16 goals and 12 assists with the Monsters last season while scoring five times and assisting on two others with the Blue Jackets. Gaunce was tied with Justin Scott and Carson Meyer for Cleveland’s goalscoring leader. More of the same should be expected from Gaunce during his stay with the club.

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