Baker Mayfield is Milhouse Van Houten

Another day and another list of teams rumored to be interested in Baker Mayfield.

Seattle was the team of the day on Tuesday leading to Ian Rapport refuting the rumor on The Pat McAfee Show.

To the surprise of absolutely no one nobody appears interested in the services of the height-challenged quarterback. Team after team continue to have interest and it is shot down shortly after.

This is extremely similar to The Simpsons episode Lisa’s Date with Density where Mr. Largo’s band class goes around accusing someone of liking someone else with two students being linked to Milhouse. Fed up with everything, Largo exclaims “Nobody likes Milhouse” putting an end to the elementary school shenanigans.

In this scene Milhouse is obviously Baker Mayfield as nobody wants him. If a team was really interested in his services he would have been moved months ago. Mayfield is still a member of the Browns organization (for formality purposes only) without any real rumor gaining tangible traction. It is possible at some point this changes, but for now Baker Mayfield is the real life embodiment of Milhouse Van Houten.


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