Adam Gase

Adam Gase would use Browns as threat

Current New York Jets and former Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase would use a trade to the Cleveland Browns as a threat.

Adam Gase confirms what we all thought. He’s a jerk. Instead of trying to actually find a way to coach his team he would threaten to trade them if they did not “fall in line”. And of course the place he threatened them with was Cleveland. The thought process being to send them to the Browns to die. 

This isn’t a new thought process. Many teams and front offices have used this strategy. This doesn’t make it any less of a jerk move. Apparently the jerk store has not run out of people who are hell bent on ending the career of a player they do not get along with.

Adam Gase sent Jarvis Landry to Cleveland after it became apparent that they could not work together. It was clear that they didn’t get a long and the relationship between the two was beyond repair. Because of this Landry got what Gase probably assumed was the end of his career. 

However the joke is on him.  Landry is in a better position now than under Gase. Miami is now a complete dumpster fire who is just looking to trade anyone and everyone. Gase is in New York and his career did not get off on the right foot after he looked like a complete psychopath in his introductory press conference. 

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