Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers intends to play for Jets

The Green Bay Packers cleared up some rumors and state his intentions for next season.

Aaron Rodgers appeared on the lab that is The Pat McAfee Show as many shivered with antici….pation. While there was not the definitive announcement many people were waiting for, such as he is retiring or that or approving a trade on the air, Rodgers did state his intentions and they are to play for the New York Jets.

As mentioned in a tweet from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Green Bay and New York need to work out the details of a trade that would see Rodgers end up in a Jets uniform. Should the trade be finalized it would put the Jets in position to contend in the highly competitive AFC East. New York realized they were in an arms race with the Bills and Dolphins, featuring Josh Allen and Tua Tagoviola respectively, and that Zach Wilson was not the answer they were seeking. Perhaps a fresh start elsewhere could lead to Wilson living up to his status as a high draft pick.

It is ironic that Aaron Rodgers’ saga and the Packers is so similar to Brett Favre’s separation. Rodgers also ending up with the Jets just makes it that much better. Considering where both players are/were in their career when landing in New York it appears that Rodgers has the advantage comparatively. On the surface it should be a better experience for Rodgers with the Jets, but football is not a kind game with a habit of being more cruel to those later in their career. Things were going well for Favre at first with everything unraveling as the season progressed. Rodgers is capable of avoiding a disappointing season in New York, but that is not a guarantee. Now is time for the waiting game as everyone waits for a seemingly inevitable trade.

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