With A Jimmmitude: Saints, Winston, Hill

With A Jimmmitude: Saints, Winston, Hill

Drew Brees is out for the foreseeable future and the New Orleans Saints are in a tough spot. Sean Payton has two options to turn to, Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill. For some reason, Payton has selected Hill as his starter with Winston relegated to the bench.

Winston is not going to have any offensive packages and that is bizarre. Sure, Hill can be a fun player to watch, but he is no starting quarterback. Hill is best used in a select spots in offensive schemes that are more of a gimmick than anything. There are limitations to Hill and what his skill set can provide and over the course of an entire game they should come to light fairly quickly.

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not blindly supporting Winston. Winston has shown to be a turnover machine and up until this past offseason had issues with his vision. Would Winston be a clear upgrade over Hill? Not necessarily, but if he was the starter it would allow the Saints to use Hill in the correct fashion. That being a couple plays here and there every few drives or so.

If there is one thing that this experiment will hopefully do it is end the nonsensical belief that Taysom Hill is the successor to Drew Brees in New Orleans. Jameis Winston probably isn’t the answer either, but let’s be real it is not Hill.


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