Petty trade destinations for Mike Clevinger

Petty trade destinations for Mike Clevinger

The future of Mike Clevinger in Cleveland is in question and the possibility he is traded is very real. If the Cleveland Baseball Club were to be petty here is where he could end up. (Note: These are not real trade ideas or proposals, only ideas for the sake of pettiness).

1. Kind of petty

Trading Mike Clevinger to Pittsburgh would qualify as kind of petty. The Pirates are not a good team and Clevinger’s win totals would take a hit big time. Clevinger has double-digit wins in the previous seasons and that could take a hit if ending up on a team like the Pirates.

2. A little more petty

This is a little more petty. Trade Mike Clevinger to the Houston Astros. Now, some may think this should qualify as completely petty, but we will get there. Sending Clevinger to a team that he has been quite vocal about in regards to their cheating scandal would be pretty petty. Becoming teammates with people that he has criticized would be awkward for both parties.

3. Completely petty

Here it is, completely petty. Trading Mike Clevinger to the New York Yankees. Hear me out on this one, take the fact that Yankees are a good team out of this equation, this is not about team performance This is about everything else that going to the Yankees entails. Not only would Clevinger be sent to team with a former Astros pitcher (Gerrit Cole), he would be on a team with requirements about personal appearance. Clevinger would have to cut his long hair, something that has become a signature look of sorts. Having to undergo a physical transformation like this does not seem like something that would be all that appealing to Clevinger who really isn’t the conforming type.

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