NFL Week 4 thoughts and observations

NFL Week 4 thoughts and observations

Thoughts and observations from NFL Week 4

1. San Francisco 49ers miss Jimmy Garoppolo

First things first, I do not think much of Jimmy Garoppolo. That being said he is significantly better than San Francisco’s other options (Nick Mullens, CJ Beathard). The 49ers are a better team with Garoppolo compared to without him. While Jimmy G may never be a Top 5 quarterback, he at least plays at a level that is not detrimental to the team.

2. Nick Foles unable to continue magic in Week 4

Nick Foles was not able to rally the Bears to a second straight victory as they lost to the Colts by a score of 19-11. Chicago had to punt 7 times and it is not easy to win when the punt unit comes out that often. Big Dick Nick didn’t build off of last week but the fact of the matter is that he played better than Mitchell Trubisky would have.

3. Bill O’Brien stinks

As long as Houston continues to employ Bill O’Brien they will be doomed. Nothing more needs to be said.

4. Monday Night doubleheader should be fun

This is less of an observation and more of projecting a thought onto tonight. There are two games on Monday night and they should be fun. The Patriots and Chiefs should be an entertaining matchup, but the absence of Cam Newton will take a bit of the star power out of the game. Falcons and Packers may not be competitive, however Aaron Rodgers should have a field day against the joke that is the Atlanta Falcons defense. Rodgers airing it out is always entertaining, sit back and enjoy the show.


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