NFL Week 3 thoughts and observations

NFL Week 3 thoughts and observations

The third week of the NFL season did not disappoint. There were quite a few talking points from the week that caught my eye and I have some thoughts on them.

1. The Mitchell Trubisky era in Chicago is over

This was going to happen sooner or later, Mitchell Trubisky is out and Nick Foles is in. Once the switch was made it has to be permanent. Matt Nagy cannot go back and forth like a yo-yo with his quarterbacks and end up with ineffective performances from Mitch and Big Dick Nick. Best of luck to Mitchell Trubisky and his future endeavors as his time as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears appears to be over for good. Perhaps another NFL team is willing to take a chance on the former second overall pick.

2. Another disastrous ending for the Falcons and Dan Quinn

The Atlanta Falcons are cursed. Another heartbreaking loss and Dan Quinn is squarely on the hot seat. Entering the 4th quarter Atlanta was up 26-10 and the aforementioned Bears made a change at quarterback. Chicago proceeded to score 20 unanswered points and the Falcons are left just standing there drenched in failure yet again. Making a coaching change midseason might not do anything, but what we’ve seen so far from Dan Quinn has been unacceptable on so many levels.

3. Josh Allen elite?

When evaluating Josh Allen before the draft it was quite evident that he was a quarterback that was going to take some time to develop. Simply looking at numbers or grades or whatever advanced stats that some treat as gospel was not going to give an accurate representation of what Josh Allen was going to be. To quote clown show Mel Kiper Jr., “Stats are for losers”. Just kidding, sort of. Josh Allen was going to take time, but anyone who understands football saw the potential and upside with Allen. After 3 weeks Allen is 2nd in passing yards (1,038), 2nd in TD passes (10), 8th in completion percentage (71.1%), and 4th in QBR (86.1). Sure, Allen will make the occasional mistake or hilarious play, but the fact of the matter is he is among the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.

4. Doug Pederson: Gutless

Remember when Doug Pederson released a book titled “Fearless”? Fun times. Apparently he is no longer fearless as his decision making at the end of the overtime period was not only confusing, it was gutless. Pederson was perfectly comfortable settling for the tie rather than trying to win, hardly the attitude that should be present in the NFL. Philadelphia should have defeated the Cincinnati Bengals easily, but a 23-23 tie was the final result. Doug Pederson should be embarrassed by this result. Maybe he should take some time this week and channel some of his previous fearless energy, because right now it is non-existent.


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