MLB The Show Rebuilding Challenge Part 3

MLB The Show Rebuilding Challenge Part 3

I have started a franchise in MLB The Show and decided to undertake a rebuild and complete transformation of an organization from top to bottom.

This is Part 3 of rebuilding a franchise in MLB The Show from top to bottom. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here.

Step 7: Rebrand

Yes, a rebrand. I determined a rebrand was absolutely necessary. In addition to it being necessary, the pettiness I possess made it that much easier to do. I decided to relocate the team from Miami to Montreal and rename them as the Expos. The Montreal Expos are back at the expense of the Miami Marlins no longer being a thing.

Why Montreal?

This is easy. Former Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria once owned the Expos and was a key factor in the downfall and eventual relocation of the franchise to Washington. I have so much disdain for Jeffrey Loria that I decided that moving the team he constantly mismanaged and fell ass backwards into a World Series Championship with was deserving of a rebrand and relocation. While I do not have a problem with the Washington Nationals franchise as it currently stands, I cannot stand what Loria did to the people of Montreal. This is sort of a payback, a middle finger if you will to Loria who I consider to be the lowest of the low when it comes to owners in sports. Loria belongs in the same category as that rat Art Modell as far as I’m concerned.

Step 8: New uniforms and home ballpark

There were many choices in regards to which uniform set to use for the new Montreal Expos. I decided to go with the 2000-2004 set which was their final uniforms they wore.


A continuation of the franchise in regards to their uniform, at least for the time being. There could be a time when a throwback look could be used instead.

The stadium presented a different challenge. I had to decide on which stadium to use that was already existing in the game. Olympic Stadium in Montreal does not exist so I had two options. A fictional minor league stadium or a classic stadium. I decided to go down the classic stadium route because some of them are so absolutely ridiculous when it comes to dimensions. I choice the stadium with the most ridiculous dimensions possible. The Polo Grounds.

Extremely short down both foul lines, around 450 feet to the right and left center gaps, and 483 feet to the deepest part of center field. This is a stadium that is going to produce a lot of cheap line drive home runs, a ton of triples and inside-the-park home runs. The pure ridiculousness of the stadium is perfect for a scenario in which the Miami Marlins are now the Montreal Expos.

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