Lions fire Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn

Lions fire Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn

The Detroit Lions have fired head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn.

Some call it relieving them of their duties, a better phrase is they got fired. The Detroit Lions have decided to pull the plug on the Matt Patricia-Bob Quinn era.

For Lions fans everywhere this is a massive sigh of relief. “Quinntricia” as some refer to is as has been a complete disaster. Patricia went 13-29-1 as the Lions head coach and that simply was not good enough. Quinn is on the hook for hiring Patricia and he had to go as well.

Many lament the decision to let Jim Caldwell go in order for the Patricia hiring to take place. While the past three seasons have not worked out, it is important to remember how things went in Detroit while he was there.

Just because Caldwell may have been better than Patricia does not necessarily mean he was a good coach. It only means that he was better than a bad coach and nothing more.

By letting Patricia and Quinn go now, they can get an early head start on the coach search process. If Detroit can resist the temptation to go consult the league office and hire one of their recommendations they may finally be able to break though. Although, it is important to evaluate the state of the team from a broad perspective. With a roster full of Patricia guys and a massive roster overhaul possibly needed, this could be an undertaking that takes several years, meaning immediate success may not be on the table. The first major decision for the new regime? Just what are they going to do with Matt Stafford? As soon as they answer that question there will be a much clearer idea about what their future holds.


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