Indians should contact “selling” Mariners


The Seattle Mariners are looking to sell and the Cleveland Indians need to mix up thier roster a bit in order to provide a spark offensively.

The Cleveland Indians offense has been quite lackluster. A combination of struggling stars and underperforming bats have left Cleveland trailing in the division. While shuffling the roster may not get the Tribe back in contention, they need do something sooner rather than later. With Seattle willing to part ways with veteran players for next to nothing, Cleveland needs to initiate trade talks with the Mariners in order to improve their roster.

Edwin Encarnacion

Yes, Edwin Encarnacion. The player Cleveland traded away before the season started is on the trading block. The Indians could use his bat back in the lineup. Encarnacion is a right handed power bat that the team has truly missed. Cleveland lacks in the power department and is extremely right handed. Bringing back the right handed slugger could lengthen their lineup and provide the Indians with a much needed boost. The only obstacle is his contract. Although Seattle is willing to absorb a large part of the contract in order to rid themselves of an overall massive salary. Cleveland could work out a similar deal that sent Jay Bruce to Philadelphia in order to acquire their former designated hitter.

Dee Gordon

Dee Gordon is no longer the player he once was, but he is still quick on the bases. Cleveland would be able to cause havoc on the base paths with Gordon in the lineup. Gordon is also versatile enough to play in the infield and outfield, this is something that the Tribe could be interested in. The utility infielder on the big league roster currently is Mike Freeman and he is not exactly winning many people over. Gordon could make Freeman expendable and provide help in the outfield if necessary. Gordon would most likely see more time in the outfield than the infield, but the ability to play both could interest the Tribe.

Ryon Healy

A younger more versatile option than Edwin Encarnacion is Ryon Healy. Healy does not have the consistent pop in his bat like Encarnacion, but he is younger. Healy’s age could be more attractive for Cleveland. When given the opportunity Healy has shown he has extra-base power. The only issue with Healy is strikeouts. Although this is rarely issue in modern baseball. Teams have accepted the strikeout as commonplace as long as the batter will hit for power. Healy can hit for power and could provide Cleveland a bat to take pressure off of others in their lineup.

Tim Beckham

Tim Beckham could be a sneaky good pickup for the Indians. Beckham can play second base, shortstop and third base. This would be a massive upgrade over Mike Freeman. If given the choice between Beckham and Freeman everyone would pick Beckham. Beckham is a right handed hitter who is capable of hitting for extra-bases. This could also put Jason Kipnis into a platoon at second base which may be the best for both players at this point in their careers. When Kipnis is in the lineup Beckham can play at other positions or even see time as a designated hitter if necessary.

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