Do not let this man represent Browns fans


The video the man burning his Cleveland Browns gear after just one game does not represent the true feelings of the actual fanbase.

A video of an apparent“Browns fan” burning his Browns gear has gone viral. Let’s get one thing straight. This man does not represent Browns fans. This man is not one of the faithful who have stuck by the team no matter the circumstances. They stuck by when the team was stolen. Cleveland fans continued to support the team when they went through one of the worst stretches in NFL history.  Real Browns fans were there. They do not partake in this nonsense. 

Let’s analyze what is going on here. If this is all of his Browns gear it really is not that much. That small pile pales in comparison to the bank vault size collections that many in Cleveland own. From official NFL merchandise to those made by local companies, Browns fans typically own more than this.

What is the purpose of burning your gear? They already have your money. They do not care whether you keep your gear or burn it. As long as they have your money they literally do not care what happens to to it once the transaction is complete. 

One final thing that makes this video seem less authentic. Cleveland fans have been through it all. They have seen high expectations for their team before and have them not work out. An opening game letdown is nothing new. In fact, in previous years it is just referred to as Game 1. Sure this game was disappointing and a joke, but not enough for someone to burn their gear over. If you want outrage from a fanbase take a look at what happened after that troll stole the team and moved it to Baltimore. Now that is something that comes off a bit more authentic.

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