Zach Plesac just doesn’t get it

Zach Plesac just doesn’t get it

Cleveland Baseball Club pitcher Zach Plesac stated on Instrgram that he is being portrayed unfairly for his actions in Chicago.

One would think that after a few days since the incident occurred that Zach Plesac would have the realization that what he did was wrong and that he needs to be better. Instead, Plesac attempted to justify what happened and blame the media for an unfair portrayal, even though he claims he isn’t justifying anything.

Plesac also attempts to lay blame on changing MLB protocols. Additionally, Plesac mentions what is considered to be safe practices for social distancing and how it was practiced by himself, Mike Clevinger, and those they were with on Saturday. The problem is that they were still in violation of MLB protocols. Major League Baseball has updated their protocols as they attempt to play their 60-game season. These updates were put in place to attempt to keep another Marlins or Cardinals situation from happening. All it takes is one player to make a mistake and an entire team is shut down. There is one new protocol in particular that both Plesac and Clevinger clearly violated.

Staff and players must notify their Club’s Compliance Officer if they intend to leave the hotel on the road for any reason. The Compliance Officer will notify staff and players if their planned trip outside the hotel complies with the Manual and the Club’s Code of Conduct based on the nature of the activity and the level of risk it presents.

Part of MLB’s protocols that were put into effect in early August

Zach Plesac can try to deflect the blame onto the media or MLB for his and Mike Clevinger’s actions, but the reality is that they are the only ones to blame in this situation. Until Plesac comes to the realization that he and Clevinger are to blame for what happened, it will be extremely difficult for either player to regain the trust of their teammates.

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