With A Jimmmitude: Wednesday 9/30/20

With A Jimmmitude: Wednesday 9/30/20

With A Jimmmitude post for Wednesday, September 30, 2020: Thoughts about the MLB Playoffs and the NBA Finals.

1. Home Field Advantage?

Only one home team won on Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Rays. Minnesota, Cleveland, and Oakland all lost and any sort of home field advantage is being tested after only one game. Now three teams who were the higher seed in the first round of the playoffs could be eliminated today. If home field advantage is going to be a thing in the first round of the playoffs it has to start today.

2. National League Playoffs begin

The American League got the spotlight on Tuesday, but the National League begins Wednesday. Three intriguing matchups and one that seems to be a foregone conclusion, let’s start there. The Los Angeles Dodgers are taking on the Milwaukee Brewers in a series that should be an easy win for L.A. Stranger things have happened, but a Dodgers win seems like a lock.

Now for the intriguing matchups. Reds vs. Braves, Marlins vs. Cubs, Cardinals vs. Padres. These series could really go either way, the differences between these teams do not appear to be as large as the difference between the Brewers and Dodgers. Any upset that occurs with these teams would not be surprising in the least bit. Let the chaos begin.

3. NBA Finals

Lakers and Heat, what matchup for the 2020 NBA Finals. Will LeBron James be able to win his fourth ring and build his legacy? Can the Los Angeles Lakers win another title in what would be a fitting tribute to Kobe Bryant? Can Jimmy Butler change the narrative that has surrounded him throughout his career and build a legacy of his own? Whatever happens in The Finals it is sure to be entertaining. It feels like the Lakers should win, but never count out the Heat. Miami just has that feel of a championship caliber team, but the Lakers seem to be a team of destiny.


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