With A Jimmmitude: Russ, Wall, Davis, WAF

With A Jimmmitude: Russ, Wall, Davis, WAF

Russell Westbrook-John Wall trade

Wednesday’s blockbuster trade in the NBA is sure to a cause a ripple effect. Russell Westbrook is heading to Washington and John Wall is going to Houston in a deal that sees stars who really seemed like they were going to be dealt sooner rather than later.

The Russell Westbrook experiment in Houston did not quite work out like they hoped and who knows if John Wall playing alongside James Harden will fair any better. This really seems like trying the third version of something they’ve attempted in as many years. From Chris Paul to Russell Westbrook to John Wall, at some point maybe it is time to realize that bringing another primary ball handler is not the answer for the Rockets.

John Wall’s tenure with the Wizards seemed to be on borrowed time for quite a while and bringing in Russell Westbrook does not necessarily bring the team into contention, but it should at worst make them an entertaining watch. The Westbrook-Bradley Beal duo should be effective, but is there an expiration date with this combo like the others in the past?

Anthony Davis contract with Lakers

The Lakers signed Anthony Davis to a new contract and Los Angeles should be legitimate title contenders for the next few seasons. Things are setting up for the Lakers to be in their next extended era of greatness. Even with just one more title they can find themselves alongside some of the greatest players to play for the franchise. The LeBron James-Anthony Davis combination is one of the best in the league and only few can even be in the conversation of rivaling that. It seems more like a question of when, not if the Lakers win their next title.

Ravens-Steelers game was rough

If you were someone who needed something to fall asleep to on Wednesday afternoon the Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game was the perfect option. The game was a tough watch from start to finish. Neither team looked particularly good and while there are plenty of reasons for that, the fact of the matter is that it was a bad football game.

This game really looked like one played on a Wednesday without adequate practice or preparation and to call it sloppy would be generous. There were times it was unwatchable and the questionable decision making only made it worse.

The on field play led to some wild takes about other teams, particularly the Browns. The game was not good, but let’s not get out of hand. Cleveland still lost by a combined score of 76-13 to both of these teams earlier this season. Even without key players on their defense, the Ravens put up a bigger fight against the Steelers yesterday than the Browns could have at full strength.


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