With A Jimmmitude: Nets, CBJ retro, Bears

With A Jimmmitude: Nets, CBJ retro, Bears

Kyrie, KD, and Harden in Brooklyn?

A superteam appears to be on the horizon in Brooklyn. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant came to Brooklyn last season and now the Nets are looking to add James Harden. That is a lot of star power on one team and this is not something new. All players involved have played on some version of a team with a lot of talent.

The question is will the players actually fit together? Brooklyn does not even know if the duo of Irving and Durant works yet and now they are looking to add Harden into the mix. There is going to be some rough patches, but on paper this would be one of the most talented teams in the NBA. The problem is that the game is not played on paper, it is played on a court. The only way to find out if this trio works is once they get on the court together and play games.

Columbus Blue Jackets Reverse Retro

The NHL released a series of Reverse Retro jerseys and I am not necessarily a fan of the concept for the Blue Jackets. The issue I have is the logo, I have never liked this particular logo. It seems too busy and like it is trying too hard.

I understand the concept of what they are doing with the Reverse Retro concept is to mesh the past and the future, but there is a reason this logo was left in the past. Even the current primary logo is not all that exciting, but the secondary cannon logo is excellent and should be more of a focus in future uniform concepts.

Chicago Bears drop to 5-5

Just about a month ago the Chicago Bears were 5-1 and almost seemed like a legitimate contender. Chicago has since lost four straight games and appear to be on the brink of completely falling out of playoff contention. The issue has been and continues to be the offense. Matt Nagy turned play calling duties over to Bill Lazor and that really did not help all that much. The only touchdown the Bears scored came on special teams as their offense was only able to manage two scoring drives which ended in field goals.

There is no easy fix for what is going on in Chicago. The switch to Nick Foles has not provided the offensive boost they were hoping for and Mitch Trubisky is not the answer. Chicago is stuck with their incredibly flawed offensive until the end of the season when they need to make wholesale changes. Changes that not only come in regards to the personnel on the field, but the coaching staff as well. Continuing to go with Nagy as their head coach will not yield the results they are looking for.


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