With A Jimmmitude: Mike McCarthy and Dodgers

With A Jimmmitude: Mike McCarthy and Dodgers

Dallas hiring Mike McCarthy seems like a mistake

For some bizarre reason there was a campaign last season about how Mike McCarthy was changing and adapting to the modern NFL. People bought it and that was a huge mistake. McCarthy pretty much admitted he lied during the interview process during his introductory press conference. Six games in the Cowboys are a disaster with players anonymously making their shortcomings known. I knew this whole “New Mike McCarthy” was a sham from the start and I’m glad the Cleveland Browns dodged that bullet.

Dodgers take Game 1 of the World Series

Clayton Kershaw pitched well and helped the Dodgers take Game 1. Kershaw has had times where he has struggled in the postseason and that has become the first thing people talk about, even during the regular season. Seeing Kershaw being able to pitch at the level everyone knows he is capable of is encouraging. If anyone deserves to win a World Series it is Clayton Kershaw.

Tampa is definitely a good team and they will not simply roll over. The Rays are going to be able to put up one heck of a fight as they try to win their first World Series title in franchise history.

Blake Snell vs. Tony Gonsolin should be an exciting pitching matchup for Game 2.


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