With A Jimmmitude: LaMelo, Pistons, Wiseman

With A Jimmmitude: LaMelo, Pistons, Wiseman

LaMelo Ball to the Hornets

Charlotte may be one of the better landing spots for LaMelo Ball. The Hornets are a team that has a ways to go in regards to the rebuild department, but this is about some other aspects of his selection. Contrary to the first team his brother played on (the Lakers), Charlotte is not going to attract the same amount of attention as Los Angeles. This is good news not only for LaMelo, but any type of attention that his father LaVar would bring.

LaVar Ball has been pretty much off the radar for some time now. Lonzo no longer playing for the Lakers definitely has to play a factor, but it is also worth nothing that he has worn out his welcome at a wide variety of outlets. LaMelo playing in Charlotte, for a team owned by Michael Jordan, should keep any unnecessary nonsense in check. If there is anyone who can keep LaVar quiet it is “His Airness”. Additionally, we may finally get that game of 1-on-1 that we are all hoping for. Here’s hoping.

Detroit Pistons continue youth movement

If there is a team that needed a change of direction it was the Detroit Pistons. Detroit has been stuck in neutral for some time now and they began reshaping their roster last season by trading Andre Drummond to Cleveland. The Pistons took the next step in their process by adding four players through the draft (Killian Hayes, Saben Lee, Saddiq Bey, Isaiah Stewart), The youth movement is clearly in full force for Detroit and it only seems like a matter of time before they start making some more trades with other veterans on their roster.

James Wiseman to the Warriors

The second overall pick seemed to be in question right before the draft due to the recent injury to Klay Thompson. With his injury there were some who thought that Golden State would opt to select a guard in an attempt to limit the impact of Thompson’s absence. That did not come to fruition as the Warriors still ended up selecting center James Wiseman.

James Wiseman has a skill set that none of the Warriors current stars have, the skill set of a big man. This addition will give their offense a dimension that they did not have previously. The Warriors should be able to balance their usual three-point barrage with a presence down low, giving them an offensive attack that will be the envy of the league.

With or without Thompson, Wiseman should be a productive for Golden State. Wiseman does not have to be a star, unlike many other players selected near the top of the draft. All Wiseman needs to be is a secondary or even tertiary option for Golden State. The Warriors will be able to ease him in nicely and let him adapt to the NBA game on a timeframe that should not be impede his development.


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