With A Jimmmitude: Airing of grievances 2020

With A Jimmmitude: Airing of grievances 2020

It is Festivus so it is now time to air some grievances for Cleveland’s sports teams.

Cleveland Browns

The brown pants, they are terrible. White pants and white jersey is such an iconic look, yet the Browns continue to bust out the brown pants. If the team wants an alternate look with the white jersey, use the orange pants, but only in primetime. When it is an afternoon game and the team is wearing a white jersey, white pants must be used as well. As far as the all brown look goes, throw it in the garbage. White or orange pants only.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Speaking of uniforms, the Cavaliers continue to have some of the worst in the league. The team even doubled down to somehow make them worse with their City Edition uniforms. The Cavs really need a redesign in the worst way and nobody will be sad when these options are put out to pasture. As long as the new concept isn’t somehow worse. While that seems really hard to do, it is not impossible.

Cleveland Baseball Club

Just get the Francisco Lindor trade saga over with. Everyone knows that the team has a greater than 99% chance of trading him and it is best to do it now and move on. Waiting for the inevitable and non-stop discussions about where he ends up is just maddening. There are two options, extend him or trade him. Considering extending him is not possible, trading him is the real option here. The door for Frankie’s time in Cleveland is actually closed, everyone is waiting to release the door handle to make everything final.


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