What’s next for the Cavaliers?

What’s next for the Cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to figure out their next step in the team building process.

After the Wednesday’s trade that saw the Cavaliers acquire Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince, the Cleveland Cavaliers have to determine what direction they go in next. At this current point in time the mix of players does not really make a ton of sense. Cleveland has extra big men in a time when there is not really an emphasis played on those type of players. In the big picture it’s not about this move, because it is really the move before the move. It is about what their next move is and how it shapes their roster.

Three players will be mentioned as potential names who could be traded by the Cavaliers. Those three are Andre Drummond, Kevin Love, and JaVale McGee, all are big men. It is important to examine each case individually.

Kevin Love

The Cavaliers have been linked to trade rumors involving Kevin Love since he arrived in Cleveland. Those rumors have not gone away and probably will continue to be present as long as Love is in town. The issue for the Cavs regarding any potential deal for Love is the recent injuries, age, and contract. Love will make just over $31 million the next two seasons and just under $29 million in the 2022-23 season. While there may be demand for a player like Love, any potential return might come up short of Cleveland’s expectations. The Cavs will have to either hang on to Love or accept a return that is less than what they are seeking. It will more than likely be a lose-lose proposition for Cleveland and they will have to determine which scenario they will be better off in long term.

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is in the final year of his deal and will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. There are some things to consider when it comes to their starting center. Drummond seems to like playing in Cleveland and there is reason why the Cavs got him for so little. Players like Drummond do not necessarily have the same type of value in years past and that could result in not only less than stellar trade package, but a free agent market that is not necessarily too friendly. There is a reason why the Cavaliers acquired Drummond last season, that being a chance to get an extended look on a young player who could be part of their future with a new contract. Although, the acquisition of Allen and his restricted free agent status could impact any possible new deals in Cleveland for Drummond.

JaVale McGee

Of the three Cavaliers big men JaVale McGee seems like the easiest and likeliest to be moved. McGee has proven to be an excellent bench player and overall veteran presence this season. A playoff contender could see the value in having someone like McGee on their roster.

This move was really the move before the move

As mentioned above, it is about the next move for Cleveland. The acquisitions of Allen and Prince are a great start, but their next move, or set of moves, will really give a better idea of their plans for the future.


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