What should Trevor Lawrence do?

What should Trevor Lawrence do?

Should the Clemson quarterback stay in school if the New York Jets get the first overall pick in the NFL Draft?

There has been a lot of discussions about what Trevor Lawrence should do if the New York Jets end up with first pick in the draft. Some suggest he should pull an Eli Manning/John Elway and simply tell the team he doesn’t want to play for the team. Others, such as former Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White say he should return to Clemson.

Given the two options Lawrence would probably be better off going the Manning/Elway route. As things stand currently Trevor Lawrence is in consideration to go first overall. If he were to return to Clemson there is the possibility he could suffer an injury that results in his draft stock taking a hit. There is also the chance that he suffers a career ending injury at Clemson which would end any chance of playing in the NFL. This is about limiting/eliminating potential risk about his financial future, enter the draft and let everything sort it self afterward. If he really does not want to play for the Jets let it be known. Allow the team to possibly field trades for the pick/draft selection and end up on his preferred team.

Trevor Lawrence could use a possible return as leverage to not be selected by the Jets. Again that is if he doesn’t want to be in New York. It’s about posturing and if he returns to Clemson he is no longer able to do that. There are more options if he is open to entering the draft instead of waiting a year. This needs to be considered by Lawrence when evaluating future options.


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