Tristan Thompson trade should be considered

Tristan Thompson trade should be considered

Tristan Thompson is in the final year of his contract and could be a trade target for contending teams looking to improve their roster.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers were a team with higher expectations this may not be a conversation worth having. The reality is that the Cavaliers will struggle and a trade of Tristan Thompson should be considered. Thompson is in the final year of his contract which might motivate Cleveland to move him during the year.

Tristan Thompson is a rebounding machine. There has been only two seasons in which Thompson has failed to average at least eight rebounds per game. 2011-12, his rookie season and 2017-18. Even in those down rebounding seasons, Thompson at least averaged 2.4 offensive rebounds per game.

Tristan Thompson did average a double-double last season (10.9 PPG, 10.2 RPG). That type of production is certainly coveted by every team in the league. Thompson is consistent crashing the boards and can chip in his fair share of points when necessary.

The concern when it comes to Thompson is health. Over the past two seasons Thompson has missed 68 games. That is a pretty sizable chunk of the season. Prior to 2017-18, Thompson only missed four games from 2012-2017. This sudden lack of durability in a big man may scare some teams off.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a spot where they can get a reasonable return for Tristan Thompson it has to be considered. It is all about building for the future and finding core players for the next phase of Cavaliers basketball.

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