Tristan Thompson is building trade value

Tristan Thompson is building trade value

Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson has been oustanding so far this season and is building trade value with his performance on the court.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 4-6 through their first 10 games and are playing at a level that is surprising to some. One player who appears to be back to his former self is Tristan Thompson. Thompson was once regarded as one of the better players at his position. Thompson has experienced a downturn in performance over the past few years due to a mix of injuries and overall poor play. Now fully healthy and playing a high level, Tristan Thompson is building trade value.

Thinking about a trade of Tristan Thompson is nothing new. Thompson has been the center of trade talks for a couple years now. Now that he is off to a strong start, he is building value and could benefit the Cavaliers if they decide to go that route.

Tristan Thompson is averaging 16.5 points and 11.4 rebounds per game so far this season. The scoring is far and away a career-high. The rebounds is also a career-high, but it is a bit closer to his previous high. Thompson is playing at a level that many saw coming. Some of this could be attributed to this being a contract year. Thompson will be a free agent after the season which is why a trade is not necessarily out of the question for the rebuilding Cavs. Cleveland could get something in return for a player who could depart when the year is up.

Of course Cleveland could sign him to an extension and keep him in Cleveland. What needs to considered is weighing the risk of a big man who has a history of injuries and how much it will cost to keep him. Keeping Thompson may mean trading Kevin Love down the line. Tristan Thompson being few years younger may lead to Cleveland leaning towards keeping him over Love.

For those who like to gamble, some like to cash out before losing everything. Others like to keep going and see what happens. Koby Altman does not necessarily seem like the latter. If Tristan Thompson keeps performing at this level and building value, a trade seems more likely than not.

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