Trevor Bauer to the San Diego Padres?

Trevor Bauer

According to reports the San Diego Padres have expressed interest in acquiring Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer.

This seems to be the rumor that just will not go away. The San Diego Padres showing interest in one of the Indians starting pitchers. Interest in Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer from San Diego has been reported previously. With the trade deadline approaching it is Bauer who is receiving the attention.

Indians need to consider how the value of Trevor Bauer will change

From the Indians perspective trading Bauer before the deadline makes the most sense. Bauer is due to make a high salary next season in arbitration, making his perceived value much less. If the Indians are able to deal him now they would get much more than if they wait until the season is over. That means multiple good players in return rather than just one, if any. This is because Bauer would be able to provide a contender with two potential playoff runs instead of just one. This is what matters to potential suitors.

What can San Diego offer in return?

Looking at San Diego there are three names that are floated around. Luis Urias, Hunter Renfroe and Franmil Reyes. Urias is a second baseman and Renfroe and Reyes are both outfielders. Before the season started the easy decision was to go the outfield route. With the production from the outfield this season finding replacement for Jason Kipnis at second seems to be the better play. Most expect that Kipnis will not return next season and Cleveland will need to address that. Luis Urias would be able to step in (possibly this season) and give the Tribe the second baseman they desperately need.

Ideally acquiring Urias plus one of Renfroe or Reyes would be the best possible return. Reyes is younger which may be more appealing from the Indians side of things. Both hit for power and a decent average at this moment in time.

In the end Luis Urias needs to be the focus of the trade discussions. Hunter Renfroe and/or Franmil Reyes would be the secondary portion of a deal. Cleveland needs to find a future at second base and Urias could certainly be just that.

San Diego may be reluctant to give up top prospects/valuable players but that is the cost of doing business when acquiring someone like Trevor Bauer. Bauer is someone who could help a team make a push for the postseason for two seasons. If San Diego is not willing to part ways with what is required to acquire someone like Bauer, Cleveland may find another suitor elsewhere.

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