Tony Grossi is the real issue here

Tony Grossi

Baker Mayfield and Tony Grossi do not have a good history. The poor relationship between the two became national news on Wednesday.

Baker Mayfield left a press conference Wednesday after an interaction with Tony Grossi. The same Tony Grossi who accused Baker Mayfield of demanding a first class upgrade during his pre-draft visits. A story that has since been determined to be false. At that moment in time the relationship between Mayfield and Grossi would never been cordial. Grossi clearly never liked Mayfield, comparing him to Johnny Manziel quite often.

This was not the first or last time that Mayfield would clash with Grossi. The fact that the incident happened Wednesday seemed like a long time coming. Grossi was clearly looking for a bombshell story to run with or maybe just a soundbite.

Grossi has played these games before

This was not the first time that Grossi tried to get a soundbite in an effort to act as Cleveland’s TMZ. Grossi infamously tried to get Gregg Williams to talk about his suspension.

Safe to say things did not go Tony’s way. What was Tony trying to accomplish? Did he really think that there was not a single reporter that has not asked Williams about the bountygate incident? Did he really think he was the first person and he was going to get some breaking news? This is the caliber of reporter we are dealing with here.

Tony Grossi is an instigator, plain and simple

This is what Tony Grossi does, attempting to try and get people to say certain things with questions that will lead them to the answer he wants. Smart individuals realize this and refuse to play Tony’s game. This leads to moments like Mayfield leaving the press conference after spending several minutes with other reporters without incident.

Afterwards Grossi cries foul and tries to claim he was challenging Mayfield.

No Tony. You were not trying to challenge anything. You were trying to get a very specific answer from Baker and he was not willing to play your little game. Instead of actually being useful and productive, you decided to ask bullshit questions, interrupt when you didn’t get the answer you wanted and bitch about it on the radio. There will be no sympathy Tony. None is deserved. You are terrible at your job and have been for years.

This is just the latest incident that makes the Browns look bad

Once the video was posted on the internet, national people decided to run with it and make claims about Baker. The problem? They are unfamiliar with just how awful Grossi is. They are unaware of how Grossi operates and what he does to players in Cleveland. A very consistent topic about people who used to be part of the Browns organization (players, coaches, etc.) is that the media is an issue. Yes, the media in a city the size of Cleveland being an issue. A bit hard to fathom. Players and coaches alike have dealt with being painted in a negative way for years by people like Grossi.

Many people are just using the incident from Wednesday to point towards the Mayfield is immature narrative. If someone has to deal with the absolute ridiculousness that is Tony Grossi on a regular basis eventually they will blow up. This issue is not Baker Mayfield, it is Tony Grossi. Should Baker be a bit more controlled in this situation and maybe reply with no comment or any sort of bland answer? Sure, but it is a bit easy to easy while watching on the sidelines and not dealing with a first class agitator in Grossi.

Tony Grossi has been in Cleveland for years, maybe that is why he believes he can act in this manner on a regular basis. It is definitely a reason why some view Grossi as credible for some reason. Just because he has been here for a long time does not mean anything in regards to his ability at doing anything. Tony Grossi is a problem and people outside of Cleveland need to realize that.

I mean are we supposed to take a professional reporter who sets up for the NFL Draft like this seriously?

Once Tony is done tearing the Browns apart from the inside for the umpteenth time he can go back to his hard-hitting and insightful hockey analysis.

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